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Silver Dapple Foals

We are offering a rare chance to own a Grullo Silver Dapple Morgan Horse!!  Breeding KDA Infinity Silver “Brisby” (homozygous silver dapple) with MHB Z’s Purple Reign “Bling”  (homozygous dun, 15.1hh).  Using surrogate mares we will have several foals available from this breeding cross.

Inquire to reserve your Grulla Silver Dapple registered Morgan Horse foal.

Grulla Silver Dapple registered Morgan Horse USA Washington state homozygous grullo               dun morgan mare at her horse show in montana    homozygous grullo morgan mare on the trails montana      homozygous grullo Morgan mare colorful horse   homozygous dun morgan mare grulla             “Bling” and “Brisby” silver dapple Morgan horse stallion at stud     silver dapple morgan stallion in washington state    silver dapple morgan stallion      silver dapple stallion trot


Or Reserve a Silver Dapple Foal from One of our Stallions and Mares.

These mares are in foal for 2021 and almost all of the foals will be for sale.  Purchase early from the mare of your choosing,  or wait until the foals arrive.

silver dapple foals for sale
Mia Mar Elvira –pictured left

14.1hh homozygous black, brown silver dapple Morgan Horse mare

In foal for 2021 to LMSterling Shining Knight( pictured right), a

homozygous black silver dapple Morgan stallion. * this foal is available

Possible Silver Dapple!!!

black silver dapple stallion head in the sky morgan stallion



    silver dapple mare and foal in pasture

  black silver dapple gaited morgan mare feather

KTM Silver Eagle Feather          

Feather is a 15hh gaited bay silver dapple Morgan Horse mare. In foal to

LMSterling Shining Knight, and black silver dapple stallion  for 2021. *this foal is available for sale

Possible Silver Dapple!!!







Mystik’s Alberta Strong  

15.2hh chestnut Morgan Mare  in foal for 2021 to LMSterling Shining Knight (pictured right)

LMSterling Shining Knight black silver dapple morgan stallion summer pose

  Possible Silver Dapple Foal!  This foal is also for sale***

chestnut morgan mare in washington state foal for sale

Mystik's Alberta Strong big morgan horse mare foal for sale


RHF Idalia

Bay Andalusian Mare— 16hh in foal to KDA Infinity Silver for 2021 and a guaranteed SILVER DAPPLE!!!

This foal will be a rare silver dapple Morgan/Andalusian Horse.  **** Foal For Sale

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