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About The Silver Dapple Color

The Glamorous Silver Dapple Horse!

Also known as “Taffy” or the “Taffy Horse“.  Silver Dapple is a dilute gene that can accompany virtually any color or color combinations on horses, BUT  is only visible on black based horses.

The silver dilute doesn’t exhibit on a chestnut, or genetically red-based horse color.  Red-based horses can carry the Silver Dapple gene and produce Silver Dapple foals (black-based) or other Silver Dapple carriers (red-based).

Silver Dapple horses must have at least one parent that carries the gene in order to inherit, or possibly inherit the color.

There are varying shades of Silver Dapple and degrees of tones.  Silver Dapples also change tones or shades several times from birth to adulthood.  They are often prone to more sun-bleaching.  Many appear to have different shades at different times of the year too.  Most foals are born lighter and darken as the grow.  Silver dapple horses can change tones several times as they mature.

Enjoy the examples of some of our Silver Dapple Horses below.  These are all black-based SILVER DAPPLE HORSES that we own/have owned, and/or raised here at the Silver Dapple Horse Ranch.  Displaying a variety of shades and tones.

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black silver dapple mare morgan horse    silver dapple morgan foal

Silver Dapple Morgan Mare           

brown silver dapple morgan horse                   beautiful gaited silver dapple morgan horse mare                                              

bay silver dapple morgan with braidscute black silver foal morgan horsesilver dapple foal tailblack silver dapple foal picture morgan horsemorgan horses of color mare and foal                                          


brown silver dapple mare saddled in sunset KDA Morgan Horses

Morgan horse bay silver dapple filly for sale

            silver dapple foals in the field     Silver Dapple Morgan Horse mare. and foal

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